Western Cape


Taste a legend

Birkenhead Brewery (Stanford)
Premium Lager – deep golden yellow, primarily malty, sweeter than usual, lightly hopped;
Pride (Old English Bitter)
– Full bodied malt flavour enhanced by a thick, wheat-derived head;
Honey Blonde Ale
– Light, top fermented, medium bodied, malty with a sweet fruity finish;
Chocolate Malt Stout
– primarily malty, deep dark brown in colour;
Birkenhead Pilsner
– primarily malty, sweeter than usual, lightly hopped, deep golden yellow.
Website: http://www.walkerbayestate.com/


Distinctly African

Bierwerk Afrikan Ales
Aardwolf Coffee Infused Stout – Five different dark grains, molasses and freshly roasted African coffee beans went into this rich and decadent sweet-stout. This beer is unfiltered and matured in the bottle and will continue to improve for the next 2-3 years.
Vlakvark Bitter – traditional British bitter with an African twist. Home toasted caramel malts, South African barley malt and loads of freshly picked Southern promise hops went into this unique ale. It is a complex beer for its modest strength with a refreshingly dry finish.
Website: http://www.bierwerk.com/


Naturally brewed, naturally better

Boston Breweries (Paarden Island)
Naked Mexican
– a sparkling, golden lager with a pure white head;
Whale Tale Ale – a toffee character with a hint of caramel;
Hazzard Ten Ale – dark red in colour, has a thick creamy head, and a strong malty character, with an alcohol content of 10% it is the strongest beer brewed in South Africa;
Johnny gold Weiss
– slightly sweet and fruity, with a full body;
Boston Lager – fresh, crisp finish.
Website: http://www.bostonbreweries.co.za/

Bulldog Brewery (Struisbaai)


Coming soon!
Website: http://www.facebook.com/bulldogbrewery


Slowed brewed

Darling Brew (Darling)
Slow Beer – An extreme lager with a rich golden colour. Refreshing with a real hops flavour and rounding off with a mild bitterness;
Native Ale – An assertive rusty brown ale with plenty spicey hopping;
Bone Cruncher Witbier – A bottle conditioned frosted Wit Beer with a distinctive candied orange nose;
Black Mist –
A brooding bottle conditioned Blacker than Black Ale which bellows out roasted beckonings.
Website: http://www.darlingbrew.co.za/

Devils Peak Brewing Company (Cape Town)
Woodhead Amber Ale
The King’s Blockhouse IPA
First Light Golden Ale
Silvertree Saison

Everson’s Cider (Elgin)
Apple Cider
Pear Cider

Gallows Hill Brewing Co logo

Gallows Hill Brewing Co.

Gallows Hill Brewing Co. (Cape Town)
Black Ale – This deep brown beer has a rich character with caramel & mild coffee notes. The aroma is a distinct combination of citrus & resinous pine thanks to the Cascadian hop varieties;
Indian Pale Ale – deep golden to amber coloured beer has a medium body; fruity & malty middle flavour; and a hoppy finish. Ample additions of local and imported hops results in a characteristic hoppy ale;
Old Steamer – The beer has a rich malt character, caramel colour and a dry finish with firm hop bittering for balance;
Small Beer – Light & crisp in character, pale colour and a dry finish with moderate to firm hop bittering for balance
Website: http://www.gallowshillbrewing.com/

Jack Black (Cape Town)
Premium Lager – full bodied aromas and a clean and refreshing taste, slow brewed with no additives or preservatives.
Pale Ale – American Style Pale Ale, lighter in body but with a distinctive flavour profile, and a decidedly fresh taste. Balanced with rich malt complexity and a bitterness that lingers to the finish.
Pils – Clean, white head with a crisp straw yellow colour. Look for fine hop bitterness with fresh citrus notes.
Website: http://www.jackblackbeer.com/

Karoo Brew (Montague)
Karoo Honey;
Dark Draught;
Karoo Draught

Misty Meadows Craft Brewery (George)
Buzzard Country Ale
– a slow brewed beer that has plenty of citrusy tastes, but you can really taste the barley. There is also a strong hops aroma.


Natural draught

Mitchell’s Brewery (Knysna)
Forester’s Lager
– A refreshing pilsner-type beer, light both in colour & body. This delicious  beer is lightly hopped, slightly sweet, pleasing to the palate and has a faint aroma;
Bosuns Bitter – The first “REAL ALE” produced in South Africa. Modelled on the English Yorkshire Bitter. Bosun’s is full of body and character and not too bitter;
Millwood Mild – Best of both beers. This unique blend puts together the best qualities found in our Forester’s Lager and Bosun’s Bitter;
Milk & Honey – Milk & Honey is a slightly darker, robust ale. It has a touch of lactose and a drop of honey to sweeten things up;
Mitchell’s Cider – coming soon!
Ninety Shilling Ale – A heavy spicy ale, with a gloriously round, full palate. This traditional Scottish ale will take you back in time as you savour the complex aromatic notes and full-bodied amber glow;
Old Wobbly Lager –
A sweet, bold, delicious with assertive flavours this draught packs a proverbial punch. Some have referred to its aroma as that of a sunny meadow! Round, sweet and malty;
Raven Stout
– A Black medium strength milk stout full of flavour. Raven stout is well balanced and exhibits a pronounced bitter and distinct hop aroma.
Website: http://mitchellsbrewery.com/

Napier Brewery

Southern most brewery in Africa

Napier Brewery (Napier, the Southern Most Brewery in Africa)
Napier Lager – full flavoured lager has a slight sweetness and an excellent finish;
Napier Ale – most popular brew from Napier, many enjoy the slight bitterness produced from the hops
Napier Old Charlie Stout
– dark roasted traditional flavour
Website: http://www.napierbrewery.co.za/


Brewed on site

Paulaner Brauhaus (Cape Town)


Paulaner Lager (Hell)
– a bright, golden brew with the smooth harmonised taste between the hops and malt flavours;
Paulaner Dunkel
– dark golden colour and with the full flavour;
Paulaner Weissbier – a naturally cloudy Hefe-Weissbier.

Saggy Stone Brewing Company (Robertson)

Saggy Stone

With love from Robertson

Californian Steam – a very old recipe from California and the days before refrigeration, a working mans beer – has a strong alcohol percentage, slightly hopsy with a bitter after-taste;
Stone Draught – a soft, easy drinking, slightly sweeter taste than the Steam. Ladies have been known to quaff a few!
Dark Irish Ale – hopefully ready for winter. This should be an exciting change of taste. It will be a creamy, dark, crisp, bitter ale.
Website: http://www.saggystone.co.za

Stellenbrau (Stellenbosch)

Coming soon!

Website: http://stellenbrau.co.za/

Triggerfish (Somerset West)


Passionate about beer

Black Bass
– an oatmeal stout thats full bodied, a pitch black stout;
Bonito –
Bombshell Buchu Blonde;
Four Legs
– Altbier:
– IPA (India Pale Ale);
Ocean Potion
– American Pale Ale;
Roman – a full bodied red or amber ale, the beer strikes a balance between sweetness and caramel flavour from the crystal malts and hop bitterness;
Sweetlips – a light blonde ale, dry and refreshing with some sweet biscuit malt and subtle fruit flavour.
Website: http://www.triggerfishbrewing.co.za/

Valley Brewery (Kommetjie)


Coming soon!
Website: http://www.facebook.com/valleybrewery


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