Brewed fresh every month

Firkin Hophouse
Oscar’s Hophouse Lager –
mild in taste;
Pale Ale –
a lighter beer with malty taste;
Bishop’s Bitter
– for special occasions;
St Patrick’s Porter –
a dark beer

Ijuba Traditional Brew (Dundee)
Ijuba Traditional Sorghum – “mild” fresh sorghum beer, unpasteurized
NiniNanini Flavoured Sorghum – banana or pineapple flavoured; pasteurized to last longer


Premium lager

Luyt Brewery (Balito) – Moving to Stellenbosch!

Luyt Lager – premium lager that always tastes refreshingly crisp and clean. Slow matured from a fiercely guarded winning recipe, dubbed the King of Cool, since 1972.

Mtuninzini Brewery (Mtunzini)
English Bitter
Chilli Beer

Muller Brau (Richards Bay)

Nottingham Road Brewing Company


Makers of fine ales

Pickled Pig Porter – a full, dark beer, slightly bitter, and perfect for cold-weather drinking;
Whistling Weasel Pale Ale
– a tasty and invigorating pale ale, made by a whistling brewer, who believes that whistling a tune while tending his brew adds a dash of joy and light-heartedness to every glass;
Tiddly Toad Lager
– a light beer with delicious fullness, light enough to ensure that no matter how much you drink, you’ll never feel like you’ve had enough;
Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner
– has a rich, bitter flavour and the noble hop bouquet, designed for serious beer drinkers, this pilsner is also fairly high in alcohol.

Porcupinequill Brewing

Porcupinequill Brewing

Porcupine Quill Brewery (Botha’s Hill)
Karoo Red
Kalahari Gold
Namaqua Blond
Blackdog Bitter
Flat Tail Ale


550ml bottles!

Shongweni Brewery (Shongweni)
East Coast Ale
– a lively, refreshing, smooth, golden ale with the surprise in the aroma and taste;
Fruit Beer
– they brew with either pineapple, strawberry, or the local mangoes which grow throughout Shongweni Valley;
Durban Pale Ale
– is a light caramel colour, with an immediate blast of rich orange on the nose, a toffee character and just a hint of spice from the cascade hops;
Robson’s Export Pilsner;
West Coast Ale
– an intense ruby-red / brown colour and a well developed head, medium bodied, and smooth on the palate;
Wheat Beer (with coriander) – based on some of the oldest brewing recipes known in Europe, it has a caramel colour with a light and fluffy off-white head.

Wartburger Brauhaus (Wartburg)
Wartburg Brauhaus Helles – unfiltered lager; only 200 litres brewed per week.

Only at the Happy George Bar

Zululand Brewery (Eshowe)
Chelmsford Porter;
Bull Horn Bitter;
Jantoni Pale Ale;
Ultimatum Pilsner;
Zulu Blonde Export Ale


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