Eastern Cape

Bridge Street Brewery

Lex Mitchell’s new place

Bridge Street Brewery (Port Elizabeth)

Coming soon!
Website: http://www.bridgestreet.co.za/

Emerald Vale Brewing Company (Chintsa)

Coming soon!
Website:  http://www.emeraldvalebrewery.co.za/

Little Brewery On The River (Port Alfred)

Kowie Gold Pilsner – A lightly cloudy yellow-gold with a puffy white head, it looks the consummate pilsner. With wet grass and light spiciness on the nose, and a palate to match, it’s a refreshing springtime beer. Finishes dry and slaking, managing an excellent balance between hoppiness, earthiness and tartness.
Website: http://www.suipexclamation.co.za/post/12592835273/review-kowie-gold-pilsner ;

Makana Meadery

“Mead a bru Honey?”

Makana Meadery (Grahamstown)
Honey Sun African Mead (Herbal) – semi sweet mead, with rooibos, honeybush tea, cinnamon and applewell matched partner to spicy dishes and stir fries, game and poultry and a companion to desserts and coffees.
Honey Sun African Mead (Sweet) – more emphasis on the honey notes, best served at white wine temperatures with fish, vegetable dishes and light meats, or as a sun downer
Honey Sun African Mead (Dry) – discreet honey notes and pleasant almond aftertaste, served chilled with game, red meats and curries
Honey Sun African Mead (Chilli) – an interesting wooded nose, clears the sinuses in a way similar to that of eating half a cup of Wassabi with a sushi roll.
Website: http://www.iqhilika.co.za/

The Brewery and Two Goats Deli (Nieu Bethesda)
Karoo Ale – standard slightly more on the bitter side ale;
Honey Ale – has a slight honey aftertaste;
Roasted Ale –  a dark stout type beer.
Website: http://thebrewery.wozaonline.co.za/

Sneeuberg Brewery logo

Sneeuberg Brewery

Sneeuberg Brewery (Nieu Bethesda)
– top fermented brew which tends to be sweet, fruity and smooth
Bitter –
highly hopped and quite bitter
Lager –
only brewed in the cooler temperatures of winter
Porter –
between an ale and a stout, well hopped and heavily malted


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