About us

Vanessa & Lenny behind the Yasigis beer stand

The Yasigis Beer Babes

Yasigis Beer Garden is a dedicated sales team that promotes and distributes liquor products on behalf of a number of micro-breweries, micro-distilleries and importers of premium product.

We have presented at a number of very successful events such as:

FNB Whiskey Live Festival – Cape Town & Johannesburg (2009 & 2010)
The Oyster & Champagne Festival – Cape Town (’09, ’10 , ’11, ’12)
The Olive Festival – Riebeeck Kasteel (2010, ’11, ‘ 12,  ’13)
The Knysna Oyster Festival – Knysna (2010)
The Knysna Whiskey Festival – Knysna (2010)
The Cape Town Fest of Beer – Cape Town (2010, ’11, ‘ 12)
The Durbanville Beer Festival – Cape Town (20’11, ‘ 12)
The Little Known Blues Fest – Cape Town (2011)
The Brews & Blues Festival – Cape Town (2011)
We Love Real Beer Summer Craft Beer Festival – Cape Town (2011)
Get Laid Outdoor Music Fest – Cape Town (2011)
Vintage Fair – Simondium (2011)
Good Food & Wine Beer Show Cape Town (2011, ‘ 12,  ’13)
Good Food & Wine Beer Show Johannesburg (2013)
Good Taste Festival Cape Town (2013)
Good Taste Festival Johannesburg (2013)
Hop n Vine (2012)

130525 yasigis 01We have also presented a wide range of beers at markets across the Cape:

Eden on the Bay Christmas Market
Laborie Lazy Days Farmers Market
Blaauwklippen Family Market
Meerendal Farmers Market
Riverclub Boutique Market
Blue Bird Garage Fair
Woodmill Market
Root 44 Market

Vanessa & Lenny have been involved in the promotion and distribution of liquor, specialising in beer, for a number of years and their recent partnership brings together both hands-on experience and passion for the brands they represent.

Together we assist in the distribution of a number of products on behalf of breweries,  and are very strong in providing entertaining tasting experiences both in-store and at private events.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Vanessa Geldenhuys & Lenny van den Berg can be contacted via email or phone:

yasigisbeergarden @ gmail.com

Mobile: 082 777 8818 – Vanessa
Mobile: 071 417 7964 – Lenny

All content on Yasigis Beer Garden has been created byRouvanne van den Berg & Jamie Agenbag from A.K.A.-You.


2 responses to “About us

  1. Deon

    Paulaner in Waterfront closed. Any news if the brewery will reopen somewhere else?

    • Rouvanne

      Hey Deon – there are lots of rumours floating around. Some say the equipment has been bought up by another brewery, while others say that Wolfgang will be doing his own thing at another venue in the Cape. As soon as we know more, and its been confirmed, we’ll let everyone know. I think its safe to say that Paulaner SA is no more – unless you join Keg King SA at one of their events where they are selling the last of the Paulaner stock!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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