Order from League of Beers

League of Beers Beer BoxGreat news for beer lovers! We’ve joined up with League of Beers, a dynamic South African company that delivers pleasure to beer drinkers for free right across the country. League of Beers is an online craft beer store that brings the finest local and international craft beer to the South African craft beer to your door.

Whether you want a case of our gorgeous brews or mix it up to enjoy a box full of surprises, all you have to do is click through to their website and make a choice of local or international beers! Pay for it and wait for the knock at your door. It’s that easy!Here are some of the beers that are now available to you through League of Beers:

617ca8b4f54bc3111a34819b5f5e65efAngolan Beer
Cuca Beer

Belgian Beer
Lindemans Kriek
Bornum Dubbel
Lindemans Pecheresse, Kriek and Apple
Carolus Classic
Celis Wit
Delirium Tremens – Pink Elephant

English Ales
Penpont Monks Brew
Penpont An Howl IPA
PenpontPenpont An Howl
Penpont Shipwreck
Penpont Silent Knight
Penpont Porters

maisels-weisseGerman Beers
Paulaner Weiss and Salvator
Warsteiner Pils
Maisels Krystal

KopparbergSwedish Cider
Kopparberg Cider
Kopparberg Pear
Kopparberg Strawberry

South African Craft
Wild Clover
Eagle Weiss
Wild CloverDouble Owl
Black Dog
Blind Mole


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