Yasigis Beer Babes

Yasigis Beer Garden beer babes Lenny & Vanessa

The Yasigis Beer Babes

It’s official. Yasigi’s Beer Garden is in full swing and we’ve already started spreading our new name and look across the country!

Lenny van den Berg & Vanessa Geldenhuys are the Yasigi’s beer babes and will be bringing their expanded selections of locally crafted and imported beers to festivals, events and markets around the Western Cape, as well as providing brands an avenue to retail.

Passionate about good beer, the Yasigi’s beer babes will be introducing some exciting new brands to the market and this is going to be the place where you will be able to find out more about it!

An awesome selection of Belgian and English brews and a first for Cape Town, some Angolan beer that is going to impress many. Yasigi’s Beer Garden will always support the local market, and so will continue to present excellent microbrewery beers as well.

Yasigi’s Beer Garden looks forward to serving you, and we want to remind you that life’s too short for bad beer.


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