Lakeside on the Mountainside

lsbw-logo1.pngThis past week was one filled with gorgeous beers. With two trips to Beerhouse on Long, the usual weekend tipplings and the delivery of Lakeside Beer Works’ range to our offices on Friday morning.

We waited with bated breath and salivating mouths for an acceptable time to roll around so that we could sample the three current offerings that Morne Uys brews for Lakeside Beer Works and we were not disappointed!

Now we don’t claim to be “experts”, just lovers of fine beer, and below are our opinions of the beers that we tried. If you have anything to add that we didn’t notice, please let us know in the comments.

Weiss is nice ja?

Weiss is nice ja?

Lakeside Beer Works Hefeweizen 5%:

At first glance, it looks like a weiss beer. Beautifully pale and cloudy. On the nose, you get your typical banana aromas and sweetness, but also a hint of spice. Upon taking your first sip, you are hit with a bit of sweet yet bitter hop that confuses you for a second, “I was sure this was a weissbier” and then it’s back. The hop was just to remind you that this is something just a little bit different, but the same. All in all, the Lakeside Hefeweizen is an easy to drink, light weissbier with a beautiful spritzy bubble and a sweet aftertaste.

I'll hang out with this American any day!

I’ll hang out with this American any day!

Lakeside Beer Works American Pale Ale 4.5%

A gorgeous, deep golden colour flows from bottle to glass and immediately, you are hit with the wonderful aromas of hops and passion fruit. It feels like a fuller beer than the Hefeweizen as it glides down your throat with a beautiful hoppy bitterness that lingers, tempting you until your next sip. A far meatier pale ale than a lot of the ones we have tried and yet again, it seems as though Morne has created another easy to drink beer.

The redhead that tickled our fancy.

The redhead that tickled our fancy.

Lakeside Beer Works Red Ochre Ale 4.5%

We were very pleased that we had left this one for last. The anticipation builds the moment you start tipping your bottle and witness the gorgeous dark amber liquid tumble into your glass. It has a big nose that smells like the hops have been steeped in molasses before brewing resulting in a bitter, caramelised aroma. The taste doesn’t disappoint. Bitter and hoppy with just enough of that caramel to guide it along, this is a gorgeously fruity beer full of body. The Red Ochre Ale was our favourite, but then again, we enjoy similar styles from Triggerfish (Roman Red) and once upon a time, Camelthorn (American Red Ale).

If these are the tip of the iceberg, we will willingly be the Titanic waiting to crash into the hoppy bliss of beers to come.

Cheers Morne! Keep the Lake flowing!


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