International Beer Day, time well spent

Last Friday, 2 August was International Beer Day. On the back of International IPA day and with Saturday being International Hangover Day, the weekend was bound to be full of laughter, merriment and, of course, beer!

Our 2 horse powered ride for the day

Our 2 horse powered ride for the day

We were invited by SAB Breweries to join them on their horse and cart journey from the brewery to Foresters Arms and Barristers to deliver a free keg of Castle Lager to each venue for their patrons to enjoy. This trip happens once a month on the first Friday of the month to pay homage to the original delivery route which was made by horse drawn cart to supply these venues with Castle Lager. A tradition that has certainly stood the test of time.

Rich. Dark. Smooth.

Rich. Dark. Smooth.

We stopped off at Barristers for a wonderful meal accompanied by our choice of brew, a Castle Milk Stout. If you know us, you’ll know that this rich, dark stout is probably our favourite brew to come out of the SA Breweries’ stable, so we were as happy as a hop in ale. Denis Da Silva was going to give us a brief history on beer, but Barristers on a Friday at lunch time is not conducive to a rectangular table discussion. We rounded off our lunch (and worked it off) by taking a stroll back to the brewery along the Liesbeek  river and heard all about the great work that has been done to maintain it and keep it clean. This is in part due to SAB’s sponsorship of the Liesbeek Maintenance Project in partnership with The Friends of the Liesbeek.

Walking off our lunch

Walking off our lunch

From the brewery, it was a short trip home (this time using more than 2 horse power) before heading out to join in the revelry at Beerhouse on Long for their official opening. Situated at 223 Long street, this project that has been in the works for almost a year has finally come to life. The ultimate beer inspired venue with 99 bottles of beer and 16 tap beers, Beerhouse focuses on beer and with great emphasis on the South African and world-wide craft beers.

Cheers to International Beer Day!

Cheers to International Beer Day!

Everything from their bar counters to their urinals (the cycle of beer if you think about it) is inspired by our favourite hoppy beverage. We went out in a small group and indulged in a few pints from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, Stellenbrau Brewery, Cape Brewing Company and Everson’s Cider while standing out on the balcony watching Long Street happen.

All in all, International Beer Day WAS all it was cracked up to be and although we feel that every day is beer day, it’s nice to take a day out and truly celebrate the amalgamation of hops, yeast, barley and water.

Here’s to next year, and until then, cheers!


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