SAB Miller take on Craft at own game

SAB Miller craft beer t-shirts

Cheeky little shirts causing an uproar

There was quite a bit of a chatting on Twitter this morning regarding SAB Miller’s printed T-shirts that staff wore at the recent Clarens Beer Festival. It seems that many are disgruntled and are referring to this as another ‘David & Goliath’ situation. I don’t know if I agree.

We Love Real Beer sticker

Was SAB Miller cheesed at this?

Big beer lover Lucy Corne recently published a post on the Getaway Blog and in there I noticed a cheeky little pic of the “We Love Our Craft” T-shirts which I then cropped and tweeted out, tagging @weloverealbeer. It took them awhile to respond, but started a bit of a slinging match!

Yes, printing shirts that are so similar to the We Love Real Beer is cheeky, and I had a good chuckle when I saw it, but I can’t say that it upsets me. Not as much as a previous ploy of changing the name of Darling to Carling. But when you consider the following points I think someone hit the nail on the head:

  • Castle Lager cart with beer kegs

    These boys have been around the block

    WLRB makes reference to ‘real’ beer, which is what exactly? All beer is real, some is just classed as craft while others are mass produced.

  • SABM refer to loving their “craft” which doesn’t only mean the beer they produce on a smaller scale but also just what they do. The beer industry is a wonderful one to be involved in.
  • The t-shirts were worn at a wonderful beer festival that does support “craft” and SAB Miller was the main sponsor – it doesn’t seem like Goliath trying to kill off David does it?
  • Does WLRB still exist? Certainly not as an organisation with craft brewery members who work together for the betterment of the industry.
  • Why is the beer industry so bloody serious about everything?
  • Imitation is the biggest form of flattery isn’t it?
Laugh it off's T - Black Labour

SAB Miller has been T'ed off before

Maybe I would be writing a different story if it was the other way round and SAB Miller did take offense and decide to take action as they have in the past, but they didn’t. They printed some T-shirts that do poke fun at the craft industry, but at least Big Brother is working with brewers to bring more beer to more people.

And we want beer. Good beer. So become a part of the #realbeerrevolution or should I say #craftbeerrevolution!



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2 responses to “SAB Miller take on Craft at own game

  1. Totally agree Richard. I thought the t-shirts were hilarious – seems ‘David’ doesn’t have a sense of humour!!

  2. Great post. It was a brilliant festival and everyone seemed to get along very nicely indeed! No slinging of anything except overindulging friends over one’s shoulder to carry them home. Ah, for the love of beer…

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