Fear is pretty sobering

Hard work loving beer

It's hard work loving beer

The fear of pissing anyone off makes it very difficult to really write a post about how really cheesed off we are right now. We’re a small business, with many bills to pay, but passionate and driven to build what we love doing. This is why we can’t afford to piss against the leg of any other dog in the yard, no matter their size*.

Never shy of working hard for beer

More free time at home

A deal has been lost to sell at the Getaway Show and somehow the Beer Garden SA and a number of other microbreweries are going to lose out on revenue because of it. This at a non-beer event where the focus would not be on breweries, but a lifestyle event where we would’ve just added flavour, as we did last year.

It’s a sad thing. Business is like that, and we’re all just fighting to make a living in the best way we can. And yes you win some and you lose some. But no, we can’t compete with sponsorship deals. And sponsors expect something in return for their investment, so other brands just have to accept that. Big and small.

Working together makes a better beer industry

Now that's what I call working together!

I suppose I am just disappointed in the morals of people, from brand owners, events organisers, big business, small business, and everyone who doesn’t see the value of working together rather than making it so bloody difficult to carve out a little space in our economy.

Our profit last year was about R5000; 3 people working 9 hours on each of the 5 days (set-up day, 3 day event & breakdown day) after all our expenses. If this amount of money scares any corporate, they must really be struggling. But apart from financial reward, our main aim was to share our passion for the many beers on our stand to as many people as we could in that wonderful environment. This is how we celebrate our role in the #realbeerrevolution.

To carry beer it's best to bend the back carefully

Any chiro sponsors out there?

I know the Napier Brewery will have an excess of beer as they have been brewing up a storm for this event and now have no place to sell it due to this loss so it’ll take him some time to recover. We’re disappointed because we had such a great time last year and had been chatting about being part of this events since November 2011. Never mind that the belts will have to become a little tighter now as well.

Beer provides big smiles

To keep smiling, keep loving beer!

But now I think it’s wisest to just remain calm and use this as an explanation to my outburst on Twitter “So this is what it feels like to be bent over & taken from behind… Big boys Flexing their muscles #realbeerrevolution” It still hurts. There will be other events. We will continue.

*I don’t refer to any brand, venue, event organiser or person big, small, thin, or fat because these are my thoughts, and I feel too many of us are responsible for this to point fingers.



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5 responses to “Fear is pretty sobering

  1. Hi Rouvanne

    The organisers are not running a micro brew stand at the show. Darling Brew will be there running their own stand and selling their own fabulous brew.


    • Rouvanne

      Thank you JJ – you are correct, I also confirmed this with Kevin from Darling Brew.

      The fact still remains that a number of other micro-brewers and small suppliers of imported beers have lost out of being a part of a great event, and as a result the visitors will be left with far less choice.

      This is a great pity.

  2. Sorry to hear this guys, I hope that you are not booted into touch at other similars events / shows. Well done on being one of the driving forces behind the real beer revolution in SA! Keep it up…

    • Rouvanne

      Thanks David. Unfortunately we are finding that there are more events where its not what you know but who you know. I will say that our not being included had nothing to do with Ramsay Media i.e. Getaway.

      It seems the organisers are going to be running the only microbrew stand there themselves alongside SAB, so maybe the answer lies in organising your own event and then running the stands yourself too. Maybe I’m just a bit pissed off…

      But as they say – ons fok maar voort!

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