The perfect pour: Valentin’s Hefe-Weissbier II

David from the Beer Garden SA

Cheers to Real Beer

In our previous post we featured Jamie pouring a beautiful Valentin’s Hefe-Weissbier, and we saw that the German Lady perfect pour isn’t that always that easy. But if you’re going to be a real weissbier drinker, it’s a way to guarrentee a great pour which makes for a great drink!

Many people who have joined us at our stand at the We Love Real Beer Fest, Cape Town Festival of Beer & Durbanville Beer Fest will have met David who loves helping us. I decided to try and teach him how to pour a perfect weissbier and this was the result:



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2 responses to “The perfect pour: Valentin’s Hefe-Weissbier II

  1. Rouvanne

    Ha! Wouldn’t you love that Jason!

    But yes, we do enjoy Valentin’s, even with an imperfect pour!

  2. An excellent weisbeer. Going to have to try and pour it like that. Or can’t you just arrange for your German lady to come over and teach me?

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