The perfect pour: Valentin’s Hefe-Weissbier

Valentins Hefewiessbier

Soft smooth weissbier

It’s a beautiful Friday in Cape Town and so to get you ready for the weekend ahead, we thought we’d make a suggestion for your beer pleasure! Go and get yourself a Valetin’s Hefeweissbier, the cloudy wheat beer that we feel competes very well with Erdinger and Paulaner.

Enjoying a Erdinger Weissbier

Showing how it's done with an Erdinger Weissbier

At last years Cape Town Festival of Beer we met a lovely German lady (anyone know who she is?) who taught us the perfect pour – of a German styled weissbier – and we’ve been trying to perfect it ever since! Even impressed a few wheat beer fanatics!

So here we have some of Jamie’s attempts at the “German lady perfect pour“, as well as some visual temptation as to how good a Valentin’s really is. This post has not been paid for, but we’re willing to accept a bibe of a few cases. For beer science of course!


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