2011 The Year of Beer in pictures

As we look forward to 2012 we remind ourselves of the high’s and lows of the past year. It’s always a good idea to know where you’re coming from to be able to plan where you’re going, and so we decided to revisit the Year of Beer in pictures, because they often say a 1000 words!

The Beer Garden SA Cape Town

Lenny, Rouvanne & Jamie are spirited beer people

The Beer Garden SA Cape Town team enjoying some spirit at the Jorgensen’s Distillery launch of their Amazing Field of Dreams Absinthe held at the Grand Daddy Hotel.

Bloemendal Wine Estate Blues

Blues & Beer

In January Bloemendal Wine Estate hosted the Little Known Blues Fest and we were there to supply a beautiful range of international and local brews.

Blues Fest

Great crowds, great beer

Napier Brewery

The Southern most brewery in Africa

Blues under the trees

When you're feeling blue, have a brew

Naturally we had to make sure that all our brews met our high standards to ensure that you’d be happy and that we can confidently promote only that which we love… So taking time out is just as important and working hard!

Beer babes

Quality check

Laborie Wine Estate

Laborie Wine Estate

In February the Beer Garden SA started at the Lazy Days Market hosted weekly at Laborie Wine Estate in Paarl. Situated on the historic farm this Saturday market has become a firm favourite and a promises a great day in the country-side.

Laborie Market

Laborie Lazy Days Market

Easter markets

The Laborie Easter Market

Laborie range

Beautiful imported & local brews

Lenny & Thembela

Hoppy beer people

Inside market

Even in winter we poured our brews

Laborie Christmas

Carols at Laborie

In March we packed our stock and set-up in Somerset West at Lourensford Wine Estate for the 2011 Getaway Show as one of the 3 official beer stands! And what a variety we had!

Getaway Show

Packing for Getaway

Beer Garden & Napier

A little tent for the little guys

We had great fun introducing new brands at our markets, such as Lovoka Fusion Liqueurs which were very well received! But with distribution changes and some interesting information we discovered about the background to this, we decided to distance ourselves and focus on the little guys.

Lovoka fusion liqueur

New kids on the block

In April we joined the Blaauwklippen Family Market in Stellenbosch on another of the Capes spectacular wine estates. Initially a monthly market it progressed to a weekly Sunday market at which we made many new beer loving friends!

Blaauwklippen Wine Estate

Blaauwklippen Family Market

Beer babes

So many sexy beers

Blaauwklippen October Fest

A little October Fest - we were the Mad Hatters!

Triggerfish Brewery

Eric from Triggerfish joined the fun

Blaauwklippen Oct Beer Fest

Camelthorn, Mitchell's & other sexy beers

Mitchell's and other brews

Christmas market at Blaauwklippen means providing the big guns!

Of course it’s not all markets as we enjoyed promoting our beers through this blog and naturally tasted the new and reminded ourselves about the old.

Office Lenny

Mama Lenny in the office

And had some fun in the office too! Celebrating National Cleavage Day on 15 April is the only one I couldn’t really get involved in – except by sharing!

National Cleavage day

We support #realbeer as it supports us!

Food & Beer pairing such as the We Love Real Beer event hosted by The Taj Cape Town are going to become the in-thing…

Taj Beer Dinner

Beer & Food Pairing

We also presented our range at 2 We Love Real Beer Festivals with the first in March and the second in September. Great events full of #realbeer lovers but probably not going to be occuring in the same format as in the past. We’ll see how much love We Love Real Beer provides in the new year.


3 We Love Real Beer Festivals


Hosted at the Old Biscuit Mill


It got crowed & some complained


Lenny & Nicole at the Camelthorn Brewing stand

Robsons & internationals

Robson's, Hook Norton Brewery and more

During our year Jamie continued to work markets, events and festivals but was only enjoying Germany’s Erdinger Non-Alcoholic as she was expecting. But when you’re enjoying the best non-alc on the market she was able to share her experience with many others who felt they had to abstain…

Erdinger Non

The drink of Olympians. And Jamie

Jamies bump

On her feet for 3 days at the Good Food & Wine Show at 8-months; she was Super Woman!

LIttle Leyla Agenbag

On 30 June little Leyla Agenbag joined our family

As mentioned above, we presented our range at the Good Food & Wine Festival, joining forces with Napier Brewery to create a one-stop-beer-shop!

Mark and Lenny

Mark and Lenny at our GFWS stand

Namibian boys

The brothers from Camelthorn Brewing Company Namibia, Hanno & Jorg

Chester Williams

Jamie "You look just like Chester!" Chester "I am"

In November we celebrated summer with the 2nd Cape Town Festival of Beer at Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point and what a party was had by all! 101 beers of which we had 21 between our 2 stands – The Beverage Emporium and Camelthorn Brewing Company!

CApe Town Fest of Beer

Lenny with Camelthorn Bok at the Cape Town Fest of Beer

Beverage Emporium

German, Belgian, Asian, Spanish... the League of Beers

David at Camelthorn Brewing stand

David poured lager & weiss, with a few special additions

Lucy Corne 101 beers

Beer # 100! Lucy Corne sampled them all!

Special mention has to go to the sexiest beer in the country. Brewed by Duvel Moorgat in Belgium, Liefmans Fruitesse moved by the case at every beer event we attended during the year. We Love Real Beer festivals, the Durbanville Beer Festival, Good Food & Wine Show, our markets and corporate events, ladies went wild and were scrambling to savour the refreshing little ‘Cherry’ beer with a pink head!

Liefmans Fruitesse

How to attract 3 ladies? Pour 3 Liefmans at once!

November also saw the start of the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg and with that our dear friend Inge started the Beer Garden SA Johannesburg stand at this Braamfontein market. Providing Camelthorn, Everson’s Ciders and William Everson wines we’re chuffed to be able to let more people taste quality in a relaxed atmosphere!

Neighbourgoods Market Braamfontein

A bit of classic Cape Town tucked away in Braamfontein

Inge at the Beer Garden Johannesburg stand

Inge will make the sale, but the beer will speak for itself!

Our final major beer event was the awesome Durbanville Beer Festival hosted by Hillcrest Wine Estate. A great setting in their quarry we, and the guests, got to enjoy awesome music with a wide range of brews.

Durbanville Beer Festival

The not-so-quiet quarry at Hillcrest Wine Estate

Sindi and Jamie serving a storm

Sindi and Jamie serving up a storm

DBF fans

"This is not a beer gut, it's a protective cover for my rock hard ...."

Some of our new favourite brews and breweries for the year? Camelthorn Brewing Company from Namibia. Hook Norton Brewery from England. Darling Brewery’s Bonecrusher. Triggerfish Brewing from Somerset West – their whole range is amazing! Liefmans Fruitesse from Belgium deserves a second mention!

Camelthorn Brewing Company

One of the best quality beers and the only microbrewery in Namibia, Camelthorn delighted us with every glass!

Hook Norton Brewery

The Hook Norton Brewery range from England - especially the beautiful Double Stout!

Darling Brewery

Bonecrusher from Darling Brewery in Darling


Passionate about beer


Belgium's cherry beer!

And so we come to the beginning of a new year. We can’t wait to see what new microbrews will be developed; how the #realbeerrevolution will grow and convert more and more drinkers of average beer; what wonderful brands will be imported into South Africa.

Beer enjoyment is no longer just a about wetting the throat while standing at the braai, or watching your favourite sport because there are just too many quality brews out there. Enjoy it with your designer food like a fine bottle of wine. Savour it like a single malt. After all at the end of the day, or now, at the end of another year, life is too short for bad beer.

Beer Garden motto

Shouldn't you care what you consume?

Happy 2012! Hope it’s a great one for you and we look forward to sharing amazing beer with you!


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