Our good neighbour’s Neighbourgoods Market

The Beer Garden JHB Logo

The Beer Garden has a JHB branch

“Right, so we’re in Jozi on a Saturday with a baby and are bored! Now what?”  Well, I had been looking forward to visiting The Beer Garden stand at the Neighbourgoods market! Nope, that didn’t mean I had to wait until I got home to The Mother City, the Neighbourgoods guys have packaged their concept, wrapped it in a bow and shipped it up to The City of Gold.

Neighbourgoods JHB logo

Neighbourgoods Jozi

We strapped the babba into her car seat, typed our co-ordinates into the hubby’s iTelephone 600S (it’s something like that) and off we went in search of good food and great beer. I think he set the Jobs phone to take us along the roads with the most traffic lights not working, but we eventually arrived in front of 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein in the 45 minutes that his Apple Comunicator said it would take us to travel 20km.

Neighbourgoods JHB entrtance

Stylish signage

We were greeted by some very cool brass cut out letters announcing where we were. Up the ramp, into an under cover parking garage. Someone has hung up some pineapples at the entrance for… um… I have no idea why. Once you get past the “decorations”, you come out on the “food level” where you will find delicious, home-made cupcakes, sweet and savoury crepes, Wines, &Union Beer, and our friends, The Charcuterie. There are just so many yummy smells and gorgeous stands laden with delicious goods and each and every one of them were calling to my wallet, trying to seduce it out of the nappy bag.

Beer Garden SA stand in JHB with Inge

Smiley Inge and her wonderful wares

We decided to check out the whole venue before making the difficult decision of what to spend, where. So, up the stairs we went and came out on a sunny courtyard decked with tables and benches, and, just beyond that, more stuff! Clothes, beer, oysters, cocktails and even a kiddie area, but I had spotted what I had come for, The Beer Garden Jozi stand. I was greeted by a very smiley Inge, who handles The Beer Garden up there, and was presented with a Camelthorn Sundowner. Inge’s stand at this market has a wider variety than just one beer.  She has Camelthorn beers from Namibia, Bloemendal Wines from Durbanville, Everson’s Pear & Apple Ciders & William Everson Wines from Grabouw.

Darling Beer at JHB Neighbourgoods Market

Darling in Jo'Burg, darling

Now that I had my beer, we could start spending. Thai stir fry, deep fried, crumbed prawns, a cupcake for each the hubby and I, and a couple more Camelthorn beers from Inge and we were ready to find a seat. While slurping curried chicken noodles, washing it down with another Sundowner, I noticed some very familiar dumpy, brown bottles. I jumped up, grabbed my last R70 and came back to the table with another of my favourites, a Darling Bonecrusher in each hand. Now we could go, I had three Camelthorns, two Darlings and empty pockets, now I was happy.

I had travelled all the way from Cape Town to Johannesburg to drink some of my favourite Cape beers at a Cape concept market that as just as good as the original, in Johannesburg.


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