Real Beer Revolution!


We Love Real Beer

We are so excited about tomorrow! It’s Real Beer Revolution time with the third We Love Real Beer Festival at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and after the huge amount of fun we had in March at our first event, we are really looking forward to serving some excellent beers!

We will be running two stands during the event:


Summer time!

Namibia’s Camelthorn Brewing Company stand where we will be offering some of the finest beers available from our neighbours. We are very happy to say that we have kept the last kegs of the winter seasonal Camelthorn dark wheat Bok Beer (7%) while also introducing the summer offering of Camelthorn Sundowner Lager (4.5%). Otherwise we’ll have Camelthorn American Red Ale, Camelthorn Weizen, Camelthorn Helles and the wonderful Camelthorn Fresh, which at 2.5% will be one of the lightest beers and an excellent way to start the day.


Belgium's cherry beer!

The Beer Garden SA stand will be serving an mixture of local and international brews, with Durban’s Robson’s Wheat, Robson’s East Coast Ale; Robson’s West Coast Ale and Robson’s Durban Pale Ale. Our international beers selection will for the first time include the UK’s Hook Norton Brewery  Ales range with their Old Hooky Ale (4.6%), Hooky Gold (4.1%), Double Stout (4.8%) and Haymaker Pale Ale (5%). We will have Belgium represented by the fruity Liefmans Fruitesse (that’s the 4.5% Cherry Beer ladies), Duvel (8.5%) and Maredsous Brune (8%).

Gates will open at 16h00 and the door fee of R50 will include a We Love Real Beer glass into which all your beers have to be poured – so don’t lose it!

Hook Norton Brewery

Award winning ales!

Of course there will be lots of other gorgeous beers from microbreweries around the Cape, such as Darling Brew, Karoo Brew, Boston Breweries, Mitchell’s Brewery, Napier Brewery and the international Brewers & Union. For the first time Everson’s Cider will also be represented which is a great addition because there just aren’t enough ciders for them to have their own festival!

For an excellent Unofficial We Love Real Beer Fest Drink Guide have a read through SUIP! blog’s intended route of pleasure! There will be loads of articles in the coming days raving about what an awesome time was had at the event, so make sure you’re not just reading about it. After all, life’s too short for bad beer!

WLRB 0911

Life's too short for bad beer


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