We Love Real Beer & Curry @ Taj Hotel

Taj Hotel

5 star hotel, 5 star beer

We’re very spoilt in South Africa with the abundance of wines that we have at our fingertips, and so every week there is some kind of wine & food pairing available. But it’s not just wine that pairs beautifully with every kind of meal there is, how many people enjoy a good beer with their favourite food? Which is why the Taj Hotel Cape Town created a special menu in conjunction with We Love Real Beer at the end of July.

Twanky Bar

It was swanky at the Twanky

We started the event off by conducting a beer tasting in the Twanky Bar, allowing liquor buyers and F&B Managers a chance to not only taste many great beers, but also meet with the brewers and distributors who are responsible for getting the beers out there.

Bombay B

We love curry. And beer.

But it was the dinner that was the main event. A magnificent menu was put together by the Taj Hotel in the Bombay Brasserie and paired with 17 beers according to what was felt fitted best with the flavours of the meal.

Beer and food

So many beers, so much food!

It was quite something to sample different beers with different dishes, and as some of us didn’t allow service staff to remove beers from the previous course, we were able to really find what really tickled our fancy.

Here is the Beer & food menu as selected by the Taj Hotel:

On Arrival
Jack Black Pale ale

Darling Brew Bone Crusher & Camelthorn Fresh
Spicy tempered Prawns
Porchai Year

Mitchell’s 90 Shillings Ale & Darling Brew Black Mist Ale
Tender Lamb kebabs, created for the nobles who prefered not to chew
Galouti Kebab

Jack Black Premium Lager
Broccoli in pickle spices, char grilled
Sarson Ke Phool

Brewers & Union Versus Goliath Amber Lager & Camelthorn Red Ale
Chicken Tikka with Vinegar Shallots
Murg Khatta Pyaz

Napier Brewery Old Charlie Stout
Sauteed Spinach with golden fried garlic
Lasooni Palak

Brewers & Union Unfiltered Lager & Jack Black Premium Lager
Stir fried potatoes with pickle chilli spices
Achari Mirch Ke Aloo

Napier Brewery Ale & Mitchell’s Foresters Lager
Spiced lamb curry
Dum Ka Ghosht

Darling Brew Bone Crusher & Camelthorn Fresh
Black lentils and kidney beans simmered overnight
Dal Makhani

Steamed rice

Fluffy Basmati Rice

CSG Touro Tripel Blonde & Camelthorn Bok
Cardamom-scented home-made ice cream
Kulfi in brandy snaps

Condensed milk dumplings
Hot Gulab Jamun

Beers that stood out for me: Darling Brews Bone Crusher and Black Mist Ale were new delights; I really enjoyed the Mitchell’s 90 Shillings Ale; but I have to admit that Camelthorn’s Bok is by far one of my favourite beers in the world – with any dish!

So if you would like to have your own Beer & Food pairing, or a tasting event with a difference, read more here or feel free to contact us to find out about what is all possible!

After all, life’s too short for bad beer.


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