Get lazy every Saturday

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Get lazy every Saturday

Every Saturday we travel through to Paarl to man (and woman) our stand at the Laborie Lazy Days Market. A true country-side market that has a whole host of awesome foods, wines and of course beers they have really made it an all-weather venue by moving all the stalls inside and keeping us all dry!

Here’s a little look at what it all has to offer:

During the World Cup Rugby we are also going to have a big screen up so that you can get some shopping done without missing what’s happening on the field! And of course we’ll have some good beers (Camelthorn Fresh is only 2.5% ABV so great to have with an egg and bacon roll) and a great atmosphere that’ll make your day!



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2 responses to “Get lazy every Saturday

  1. Thanks for your informative posts, I was lucky enough to ‘find’ Camelthorn beers at the Biscuit Mill market. They are truly awsome and I look forward to them been more readily available throughout Cape Town. Iactually have done some stunning beer and food pairing with the Red Ale – amazing food beer. Keep up the good work.

    • Rouvanne

      Hey Tiny – good to hear from you! Yes, Camelthorn is at the Old Biscuit Mill and Laborie every Saturday where we enjoy getting new people to taste our range of beers, and well as selling to the new faithful!

      We are in most Pick n Pay Liquors & Tops around the Cape, but don’t forget to support the smaller independents because they were the first to support us!

      Personally I love the American Red Ale with curry but the Bok is still my best buddy!

      Many thanks for you support!

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