Newest Beer Babes in town!

beer boep

No beer in that boep

It has been quiet here at the Beer Garden site because we have been very busy increasing our future sales staff in our attempt to take over the world! Just in this week we have added two new members to our team which will ensure that we are able to continue providing the best beers to our friends in the trade for years to come!

This week we congratulate and welcome our two newest Beer Babes Aludwe Ndaba & Leyla Agenbag to our world and look forward to introducing them to you at future events!

Aludwe Ndaba

Aludwe Ndaba

Aludwe was born on Monday to Samela & Thembela, who assists us at our stand, while Jamie gave birth to little Leyla yesterday afternoon! Both mothers are healthy and happy and feeding our Beer Babes nicely to make them big and strong and smiley people.

Leyla Agenbag

Leyla Agenbag

Leyla is slightly larger due to Jamie’s love for the Erdinger Non-Alcoholic beer, but I think that this love affair will soon just become an affair as she will now be able to taste more of the beautiful beers in our range for the first time! All in the name of milk production of course!

So this weekend I will raise a glass to our new Mothers, and all Mothers around the world, for without them and their hard work beer would surely not be! So here’s to real beer, to real mothers & of course to dads, who stand around and watch while the hard work gets done (usually with beer in hand). Cheers Moms! We salute you!


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