Some good viral beer videos

Napier brewmaster

Justus Cilliers & Richard Hammond

One of our regular beer buddies, Justus Cilliers who plays with the Studerbakers, sent me a great article with a couple of video’s. “Beer is going the viral marketing route. I think you’ll enjoy this.” And I did.

So to make it just a little more viral, thanks to Justus, read more about Best Branded Viral Video Campaign – Beer Brands Show Video’s Versatility. And watch the video’s below.

The first is a stunning video by Amstel Light where they transform the side of a building, painting a full mural before revealing the Amstel Light logo right at the end.

The following two are from Breckenridge Brewery in the States. Lets start with “Gravity Activated Pouring” .

They have had a good number of hits as people are obviously sending the vids to each other, which shows how a small brewery can make just as much impact as a big international brand.

If you touch it and it’s cold, it’s cold

I’m looking forward to some of our micro brands sinking their teeth into some innovative marketing to make their presence known and loved.It doesn’t take much money, just a little brain-power and a will to do things different.

Let’s take things to a new level!


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  1. Some great vids, keep em coming.

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