Good Food, Wine, Beer & fishing


Namibia's newest

We’ve been a little quiet here lately because we have been so busy going out Into The Trade to get our beautiful products listed to make them easier for everyone to find. This does mean traveling across the peninsula from store to store first making the pitch and then delivering.

Good Food

Not onlky wine, now also Beer!

We have also been getting ourselves ready for the Good Food & Wine Show that starts at the CTICC this Thursday and runs through to Sunday (26 – 29 May) where we will be sharing a stand (B10) with Napier Brewery. It’s a biggie, and we’re expecting loads of people to be there!

We’ll be featuring Everson’s Cider, Napier Brew and the Camelthorn Brewing Company’s full range of beers, as well as a number of favourite internationals such as Duvel, Mardesous and Erdinger.

Old Charlie

Enjoying Old Charlie at Napier

Napier will also be introducing their newly brewed Old Charlie Stout and I think many people’s eyes are going to light up after the first sip of a Black & Tan – a mixture of Napier Ale & the Old Charlie Stout. Something to really warm the beer enthusiast!

Jasper fishing

Gone fishing

In the meantime, to prove that even if it does seem like we’ve ‘gone fishing‘, I wanted you to all enjoy this video of how resourceful beer drinkers can be when they have one on hand. There is something about throwing in a line, cracking a bottle of your favourite brew and waiting for a fish to enjoy what you’re offering on your hook. Or you can combine the two as seen below.

Have a great day!


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