I am a craft beer drinker


I love real beer

I love what is happening in the USA. There are so many craft breweries, or microbreweries as we like to refer to them, and best of all, so many loyal customers. It’s definitely something to strive for in South Africa, getting more and more people educated and aware of the beautiful beers that are brewed with love and care and not mass produced.

Napier brewmaster

The 'slower' Richard Hammond

So although we aren’t in the same place yet; although we don’t have as many microbreweries across our diverse landscape as they do in other parts of the world, I do think we need to celebrate what we do have and raise a glass to all the brewmasters around the country who give us such beautiful brews! Brewmasters with vision, who don’t conform, who continue to brew something better.

Spread the word. Don’t let others decide for you. Support your local microbrewery!



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3 responses to “I am a craft beer drinker

  1. This is an awesome video, thank you very much. As the first and only craft beer brewer in beautiful Namibia I reap energy from videos like this one as it is exactly what we are advocating and struggling against. We MUST educate the average beer drinker!!
    Namibia is blessed with a good local beer pure and rich in tradition and it proves to be even more challenging to get the local beer drinker to just try our beers. Once she/he allows it a whole new world seems to open. We shall add to this legacy and I shall pass on this video and very cool website to all our nation. Keep up the good work and cheers to real beer – crafted with passion.
    Cheers – Jorg, Founder of Camelthorn Brewing Company – Windhoek, Namibia

    • Rouvanne

      Great to hear from you Jorg! Video’s like this one were made to honour craft brewers such as yourself who produce such excellent beer, with passion, care & top quality ingredients!

      We find it pretty easy to sell your brew, because after the first sip we get comments such as “This Weizen is the best I’ve ever tasted!” – while I personally have to admit that I wish it was winter all year round so that I can enjoy a Bok because it is definitely MY new Best Beer!

      Keep it up, and keep it flowing!

      • Hanno

        F….. Rice! šŸ™‚ great video – luckily the closest our beer gets to rice is when enjoying a Red Ale with some spicy Thai/Chinese cuisine!!! Or in your case Rouvanne a Bok!!! I am sure we will enjoy a few of those togehter over the next few months.
        Keep up the good work guys Camelthorn will have its rightful place in the caft beer market – thanks to your input and efforts to introduce this well crafted brew to the public.

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