Confessions of a Non-Alcoholic

Belly Pic

Sodas and juices for me!

It’s very difficult for a modern bootlegger to be told, “No alcohol for you!”, but for those of us with ovaries, this is a sentence (or sentance if you prefer) that is bound to come up at one point in our lives. For me this meant that for approximately 40 weeks, I would not be able to consume all of the lip-smacking alcoholic beverages that we trade in.

Belgian Beers

Belgian Beauties!

As if this wasn’t enough, we expanded our premium portfolio to include incredible, tasty (so I am told) beers from all over the world! Missing out on the likes of the Liefman’s Fruitesse, the Maredsous Abbey Beer and our German beer catalogue seemed like the ultimate torture, especially when my colleagues and peers started raving about how much drinking “Real Beer” has changed their palates and perception of what a beer should taste and feel like. I was starting to feel like hiding in my home like a hermit for 9 months was the only way to do this, but just as I had given up hope, a Bavarian Brewery turned the light on at the end of my tunnel.

Non Alc

A work of art!

At this point, I had tried a few non-alcoholic beverages (one can’t really call most of them beers), and they were all lacking some key ingredient. I was beginning to accept a life of fruit juice, decaf coffee and social segregation when The Erdinger Alkohol Frei (Cue harps, angels and hallelujahs) came into my life! I had my doubts, what was going to make this beer substitute any better than everything else I had tried? We chilled our latest acquisition, apprehensively reached for the bottle opener and with a shaky hand, popped the blue cap. The wisp of smoky vapour that escaped seemed to scream “Oh yea of little faith”!

German Beers

Valentins, Erdinger Non-Alc & Erdinger Dunkel

It tasted like a beer, but not just any beer, a real, German beer! An incredible head, a beautiful golden hue, just the right amount of maltiness and if you closed your eyes and made sure you couldn’t read the label, it was difficult to believe that it was any different from any other normal German beer.

Maybe the pure awesomeness is because it complies with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot) which only allows water, barley and hops to be used in the beer making process. While sipping on this nectar from the gods, I start to decipher the German phrases on the bottle and start to feel healthier! This is because I am drinking a low calorie, isotonic beer which means that this beer is helping me rehydrate while balancing electrolytes! No wonder this has been included in the German Olympic team’s diet.


Healthy living with my new Fave (in the wrong glass)!

My new favourite beverage is ideal for regeneration after sports and because this little person inside me is only just generating, we became a bit of an office science experiment, and my little one has consistently been 2 weeks bigger than a babba her age she should be. Hmmm… In retrospect, maybe I wasn’t thinking about the end result of the pregnancy…

Whole range

Waiting patiently to try them all!

So, my current sanity (when the hormones play nice) is entirely due to the fact that I have a fantastic beer supplement in the Erdinger Non Alcoholic and as this pregnancy progresses, I look forward to testing the theory that dark beers aide milk production by meeting this beer’s sibling, the Erdinger Dunkel. Soon I will be able to enjoy personal and intimate relationships with our whole portfolio, but might keep the Erdinger Non Alc, my first love as my Monday to Thursday beer in support of both the waistline and the liver.

P.S. With the Two Oceans Marathon coming up on Saturday, maybe those of you who are considering subjecting yourselves to that torture could do with an ice cold regenrative beverage before and after the race! It should be available in good bottle stores, otherwise, I will be sure to have a few cases with me at the Oyster & Champagne Festival.


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