Easter in the winelands

Lovers of beer

Saturday saw Easter come early to the winelands and we were again present at a very nice event organised by Darielle Robertson from DNA Events. Of course we have our weekly market stall at Laborie’s Family Market, but Saturday was a double event with market in the morning and Easter market in the evening.

Gerald Clarke Duo

We catered to two totally different groups of people and we were really happy that the evening crowd was there to enjoy themselves. The music was great all day, with the Gerald Clark duo playing sets at both markets, followed by the Studerbakers finishing the evening off. There was wine, food, beautiful beer, good music and lots of great people!

The slower Richard Hammond

We were joined at the market by Richard Hammond from Napier Brewery with his nifty tap fridge. His lager and ale is always cold and got a really good reception from many of our regular clients as well. We’re loving being able to offer more South African micro-brews, and with Robson’s and Everson’s Cider also appearing on the Beer Garden’s table, and are making plans for more to appear.

Hell, there is so much beer I’d love to have available at every event, but it has to be remembered that we have to carry every case a number of times before it cooled, cracked, poured & enjoyed. As it stands now we already offer 23 beers, give or take a few, but I still feel there is space for more.

LAborie folk

Happy sunny people

One new best friend, a German fellow who moved here a year ago, discovered we have Oettinger Weissbier and he got all weepy-eyed. It was like being home. Apart from the Oetties he consumed that evening, he also had to get himself a case to introduce to all his friends, and I suppose for him to sit in the beautiful autumn Cape evenings and feel really at home.

Meat man

Meat you there

During the day market we are nestled in very nicely between Rudolf the farmer, from Dassenberg Nurseries in Atlantis, and tall Teri from the Charcuterie. Tao and her Asian kitchen is just behind and Mark & Angella serve Paella across the walk. Everyone gets to know each other pretty well because we do see each other at similar events around the peninsula, so there is always a lekker vibe.


The Studerbakers

So later in the evening when we had to move our stand to be a part of the Laborie Easter Market we made sure we had good food on either side of us. Thierry’s dad Steve took over for the evening, and they had some amazing salami’s to go with our beer. Mark’s Paella was moving well, but I think will really move in the future when we introduce a new range of beers that go really well with seafood… More info as it arrives!


Happy crowds

Now we are preparing for another busy weekend with another Laborie Family Market, and also the 5th Oyster & Champagne Festival at Bloemendal Wine Estate on Saturday and Sunday. It’s Two Oceans Marathon weekend, so we are expecting all the non-athletes on Saturday and all the we-wanna-party-cos-we’ve-trained-so-long athletes and their families coming on Sunday. It’s always good fun. We move a lot of stock, and get more people to discover a world of flavours – so we’re really looking forward to it!


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