National Cleavage Day celebrated


Beautiful jugs!

Getting into the swing of things on a beautiful Cape Town Friday we’re so happy to be celebrating National Cleavage Day!

We all think of the gorgeous Bavarian ladies carrying 8 or 10 jugs of delicious beer at the October Beer Fest, and so in honour of them, and all other beer loving folk we came up with our our version of how the jugs should be carried!


Udder jugs

Join us tomorrow at the Laborie Lazy Days Market from 09h00 – 14h00, followed by the Laborie Easter Market from 15h00 – 20h00. Entrance to the second market is R100 (under 18’s free) but you get to take home some wine and there is loads to do, enjoy and of course see!


My jug runneth over

It is a pity that we can’t extend National Cleavage Day to carry on tomorrow – I don’t know if the Tannies & Ooms from around Paarl would appreciate it as much as I do – well, the Ooms might but they’d be constantly ducking and diving under the swing of Tannie’s handbag – so this is the closest you’ll come to seeing what’s on offer! Real beer, served by those who love it themselves!

So raise your glasses and shout out a toast to that which we all love!


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