Our world of beer


Beautiful beer!

I don’t think one can have as much fun as we do day-to-day in our office. We sell beer. We promote beer. Every day we’re learning more and more about beer, what makes a good beer, where to find good beer, and how to best enjoy the beer of your choice.

We’re going to be passing on information to our beer loving friends about where we’ll be selling our beers; we’ll be writing stories about some of the beauties that we come across that may not be in our stable; and we’ll be introducing our readers to some of the beers that we do not yet, and probably never will, stock in South Africa.

Craft beers, micro-breweries and big beers will all come under the spotlight, seen though our eyes, your average beer loving people who will never claim to be experts, just taste seekers!

Join us, raise your glass & give yourself a foamy moustache!


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